Friday, November 30, 2018

GPS still not dead, though I nearly was.

TLDR: still here, still working on it, just been too sick to do any work.

Longer version:

Been a rough couple of months.
First I started a new job, which is still kind of kicking my ass.
Then I got sick.
Then I got better.
Then I got sick again.
Then I got better...sort of.
Still coughing more than I like.


I finally had the energy and time to crack open GPS earlier this week.

I love it, but daaammmnnn, it's a mess.

Over the course of a couple of hours wrote up two pages of notes outlining (outlining, mind you, not detailing) a list of stuff that needs to be fixed and/or implemented.

It's got three fully playable Dimensions at the moment, with a bunch that are waiting on boss fight design.

So, still here, still working on it.