Graph Paper Shooter

Graph Paper Shooter is a procedurally generated twin stick shooter comprised of artwork inspired by the stuff I drew in my high school notebooks decades ago.

  • Ridiculously bad artwork
    • All hand drawn, even if someone did use a spiro-graph
    • Except for some of the bullets and the particle effects
      • Three 12px wide parallel lines doesn't really warrant getting out a pencil
  • Controller Support (in fact, I have yet to code the mouse/keyboard hooks)
  • Original music
  • Hordes of enemies to murder
  • Boss Fights with bullet-hell rage modes!
  • Procedurally generated levels: no two runs are the same
  • Multiple Dimensions, each with their own theme:
    • Planes, Tanks & Zombies (and more)
    • Silly and otherworldly critters
    • D&D inspired random weirdness
    • Space! With Asteroids!
    • Geometry Wars inspired "Polygon Wars"
    • Evil Plants
    • Detention with Mr. Cortmander
      • Gimme something to write on, man. 
      • He brought extra pencils, in case you forgot yours.
    • and more (once I figure them out and draw them)
  • Unlockable player ships
  • No-lives system:
    • Your health continuously degrades with time and with enemy hits 
    • If you have bombs, enemy hits explode one auto-magically
      • But you lose life for every dead enemy
    • Destroying enemies raises your health like you're some kind of twin stick vampire
  • Powerups!
    • Move Speed
    • Bullet Power
    • Ship-Upgrades based on bullet power 
      • More shots
      • Wider shot spread
      • Point Defense for slow attack rigs (such as the missile rig or the Cat-A-Pult)
    • Bombs to exploderate your enemies! 
    • Timed Drones to fight beside you
  • Will probably run on a toaster
Here are some screen from a recent alpha build: