Monday, September 24, 2018

GPS is not dead. Long live GPS!

GPS is going to have to take a few weeks off. I just started a new job and it's....hard.

Once I get into the groove at work, I'll get back into GPS a least a couple of days a week.

Some news though:

  • So far, GPS has three different levels:
    • All caps because the in game font doesn't have lower case :-)
    • SKOOL with boss MR. CORTMANDER
      • still needs some enemy tweaking, but the level can be completed
      • Also, MR CORTMANDER has been colorized.
  • Difficulty Select at beginning of game:
    • MOM MODE - even my mom can play it. True, I made her.
    • EASY - Pretty hard to die, pretty hard to get high scores
    • NORMAL - RNG can occasionally be ruthless, but should be a balanced play
    • BULLETHECK - it hates you. Starts of normal, things escalate quickly
  • Irregularly shaped rooms
    • Initial rooms were all rectangles. 
    • Took some doing, but now they're not. 
    • Some of them are easier, some of them are actually kind of annoying depending on RNG
  • Some tileset rework has been done. More needs to be done, but it's getting there.
  • Still no mouse support
  • Fully playable with keyboard or controller
    • need to refactor input code to account for controllers other than mine and mouse.