Sunday, August 26, 2018

Changelog for August 26, 2018

It's been a heck of a week, family health issues have kept my busy pretty much up until the weekend.

The weekend has, however, been productive:
  • Complex enemy pathing has been implemented
    • This took the bulk of the time, deserves its own blog post
    • Enemies will now go around complex obstacles and room shapes to get at the player
  • Irregularly shaped rooms are now an option and have been implemented
    • More work than it sounds like :-)
  • Completely rewrote player movement code 
    • no more "bouncing" off walls
    • if moving at an angle the player will slide across the wall in the non-blocking direction
  • Player and enemy bullets now asplode when hitting walls
  • Enemies no longer fire if they're not facing in your general direction
    • will still fire at walls though. 
    • They are stupid
  • New hidden wall type to keep the player from cheesing bosses (by sneaking behind them)
    • Can fire through these
  • Added "Robbietron" tileset and enemies
    • Uncolored boss is drawn:

  •  Added four (so far) irregularly shaped rooms, including what is probably the most annoying one ever, the "five minute hallway". 
    • takes about 400 health ticks to traverse the entire width of the room. 
  • Added configurable backgrounds based on dimension (space, desert, tanktankzombie, etc)